Real Estate Investing


At Heritage Fund, we believe that knowing your finances and having a plan to reach your financial goals is the first step in any financial transaction. Having a strong financial base will allow you to make future financial decisions with more confidence and will make you a stronger candidate for financial products like mortgages, investments, insurance and more. We believe that this financial education should be available and accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth or status. For this reason, Heritage Fund offers free financial and retirement planning, free credit repair services, and free workshops on many financial subjects.


Investing in assets successfully is an important part of financial planning. At Heritage Fund, we recognize that there are many ways for clients to manage and invest their money. Many people do not realize that they can grow great sums of assets starting with as little as $20 / month. Like everything else, we approach investing with the goal for our clients to become educated in all aspects of the process and for them to patiently and consistently build a strong, well rounded portfolio.



Heritage Fund’s expertise include:


  • Credit Repair
  • We offer 100% free credit repair
  • Financial Planning and Education
  • Portfolio Building
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities



Do you know where you are financially? Do you know where you want to be financially? Do you know how to get there? Heritage Fund can help you answer these questions and more.


We offer a 100% free service called the Financial Road Map and the Financial SnapShot. The Financial Road Map is a consultation and worksheet to determine your financial goals and how you can achieve them. The Financial SnapShot is a consultation where we gather information and determine where your finances are currently.



Contact us for more information on any of these services or to get started today.






Do you want to start investing in Real Estate, but do not know where to begin?

Ask about our custom investment solutions where we accompany you through the entire process:


1. Property selection

2. Evaluate the property

3. Finance the deal

4. If flipping the property

a. Fix property

b. Sell and profit

If leasing the property

a. Property Management