What is an annuity?


An annuity is a financial product where you contribute either a lump sum or periodic deposits into an account that grows at either a fixed rate or rate indexed to the stock market. After the accumulation phase, the account can either be cashed out in a lump sum, annuitized into annual payments for life, or left in the account to continue to grow.


Annuities are great for retirement, but can also be used to help you increase your savings, protect what you’ve saved or generate a steady stream of income. They are also able to be structured many different ways, based on a number of factors of your choosing.



Why choose an annuity?


  • Principal protection
  • Rates higher than CD’s or savings accounts
  • Tax deferred growth
  • 10% penalty free withdrawal every year
  • Multi-year bonuses available
  • Option to annuitize to provide lifetime income
  • Option to provide death benefit to beneficiary



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